The Malihini Story

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If it's your first time here in Hawaii you are known as a Malihini.  Malihini Adventures is the New Way to Vacay! We have hand curated local experiences, top rated restaurants and interactive island wide adventures for you to explore Hawaii in a responsible and sustainable way! 
With every Covid related death on island during 2020 we have seen over 19 local small business close their doors. There's no question that Hawaii has been hit the hardest in terms of the economic impact felt from Covid. Now more than ever it is important to support local and home grown businesses on the island! 


Alo - Ha 

(Alo - meaning the giving and sharing. | Ha - Breath of Life or possessing the essence of what it means to be alive)

We are on a mission to breathe life back into a  community of small and local businesses on island by giving Malihini guests access to hand curated experiences and top rated family owned restaurants on island. By practicing a more pure form of sustainable ecotourism we will be able to have a positive impact the ecologically, economically and anthropologically. 

We are excited to purse our mission through the creation of the Adventure Pass. We want first timers to Hawaii to experience Hawaii through the eyes of a local and find the beauty in our aloha culture, history and responsibilities. Each one of our exclusive Experiences have been carefully crafted and creatively designed around the  passion of a local member of our small island community. Malihini Adventures is simply the platform that allows our local Alaka'i or Leaders to share life long passions, stories and experiences with you as a guest of the island. 

We are not your average tour company rooted in this out dated adage that the customer is always right. As a Malihini or first timer in Hawaii, you are considered a guest. And with that comes kuleana and kokua or responsibility and respect. Aloha cannot be taught but it can be learned. If you are in search of the New Way to Vacay, then join our in our mission to breathe life back into this beautiful island that we call home!