Sustainability Snorkel

Sustainability Snorkel

Rediscover the importance and fragility of our oceans!

$165.50/Private Group

Price Per booking: 

2 - 3 Hours


$133.20/Private Group

Adventure Pass Price:

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Rediscover the importance and fragility of our oceans and the complex ecosystems that make it all possible! Embark on an experience that will leave astounded and motivated to take on the problems of the world as a one man army. There’s no exaggeration to say that you need to come see our coral reefs while they still last.

Experience Summary

Before Experience

This Journey begins the night before our scheduled booking. We strongly recommend that all Malihini Customers watch one of the listed documentaries on Netflix prior to your scheduled experience. Especially if you know very little about our oceans this will drastically increase your experience. The morning of your experience we will start the journey by meeting in the parking lot just to the left of the fire station, across the street from the grocery story at Sharks Cove on the north shore. Transportation is not included so you will want to plan accordingly to make sure that you there no later than 15 minutes early. We will start by getting everyone in your party outfitted with snorkel gear and go into a quick safety debriefing as we collectively review our dive plan. If conditions will permit, we’ll then head down to the water!

The Experience

In just the past 30-50 years we have lost over 60% of the world’s population of coral. And that fact was from 2012… There is no question that our oceans are dying at an alarming rate, the question is what we are going to do about it. For us that is an easy question. We educate, we communicate, and we donate. Join us to witness firsthand the problems we face and what you can do to help as we lead you on a profound under water journey!
The entire dive / snorkel will take right around an hour. If you are not a strong swimmer, we suggest reconsidering and possibly going with a more introductory tour. We will take our time, going around the outside of the natural sea wall to get into a little deeper water and making our way into less crowded areas. If you are hoping to sea some turtles, sharks cove is a great place to make this dream come true. The sea life at Shark’s Cove is protected and therefore usually a lot more abundant. We will take our time with the dive answering questions and exploring the reefs one breath hold at a time.

After Experience 

Once back to dry land we will have about a 15 – 30-minute debriefing session where we can all share our experiences and fight over who saw the biggest turtle. For those interested we will have an opportunity and call to action for those wishing to do more for our oceans. Gratuity is not expected but we will donate 50% of all gratuities to the conservation and preservation of the oceans in your name. With all the swimming you are sure to be hungry and ready for a nap, to wrap things up I will take the gear, any photographs you wish to take for keepsake & we will go our separate ways!

Experience Details


Choose from the following locations: We recommend Sharks Cove this time of year since it is usually the best for diving.
• Sharks Cove Haleiwa North Shore
• Electric Beach Westside



Transportation is not included. You should plan on arranging your own transportation and arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your experience. Parking is sometimes scarce in this area so please plan accordingly. We have a zero-tolerance late show rule. Island time is for locals only, if you think you are going to be late or miss your experience, please call your Alaka’I right away!

Experience Requirements 

Skills and Abilities 

Must have experience, knowledge and certainty of your swimming abilities. Must have gone snorkeling before, as we are not liable for any injuries or life-threatening events that may take place. Thus, good physical condition is optimal for this experience to ensure your own safety. Strong swimmers in good health only!

Know before you go

Before you embark on your experience, we recommend that you watch the Netflix documentary Chasing Corals. This will drastically improve the experience and leave you with a profound understanding! We will provide all of the snorkeling gear, but you will need to bring the rest. Sunscreen, water, towel etc.

Cancelation Policy

To Cancel or Reschedule, please be sure to contact us at least 24 hours before your booking. We do not offer refunds for cancelations or no shows. You are expected to be at your event 5 mins prior to the start time.

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