Soothing Yoga Flow

Soothing Yoga Flow

Start the day off right or come for a mid-day refresher that puts you right back into alignment!

$450/Private Group

Price Per booking: 

1 HR


$360/Private Group

Adventure Pass Price:

Save Over $90.00 with the Adventure Pass!

Come as you are, whether you have taken a yoga class or not, this is for all ages, all levels, the only requirements are a yoga mat/towel, comfortable clothes, and an open mind.

Experience Summary

Before Experience

Before arriving to the park, please make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes (preferably athletic wear) and bring a yoga mat and/or a towel. If you do not have either of these, a blanket or some sort of tapestry will do. We will meet in the parking lot of Ala Moana park and will walk together to an open space on the beach or park area (depending on how many people occupy each area that day.) We will quickly get to know each other with a fun exercise and I will give a brief introduction about what you can expect from the class, and how to approach it.

The Experience

Each class will begin sitting or laying down and becoming aware of our breath, thoughts, and state of being for the day. We will continue to return to this awareness throughout the class and truly focus on being present. As we focus on the present moment, the worries of the future and ill feelings of the past will melt away and we will make space for bliss and discover the unlimited potential within ourselves. The level of physical difficulty will be based on who is taking the class that day. You will never be forced or pressured into performing a task that it too physically taxing. There will be many opportunities for growth and equal opportunities for rest- Hatha yoga, which is what will be taught in these sessions, is the combination of the sun and the moon energies. The sun's energy includes activity, physical labor, and high-energy while the moon's energy focuses on rest, rejuvenation, and recovery. The yoga class will embody both of these energies equally and harmoniously; you will feel balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually by the end of our session.

After Experience 

At the end of the class, you will have an opportunity to share your experience in a short (optional) talk-back session. You are free to ask me any questions about yoga or movement practices in general, share what you felt before, during, or after our class, or just share anything on your mind. This is a safe, warm space that we will cultivate and the best part is that we can stay in contact! This is a great time to share social media handles, phone numbers, emails, etc. to connect with each other even after leaving the island. Though you may not be staying in O'ahu for long, the community and friends you build while you're here will last a lifetime.

Experience Details


Ala Moana Beach! Meet at the base of Magic Island where the ocean meets the park.



Transportation will not be included, so please arrange accordingly and arrive 15 minutes (AT THE LATEST) before start time of the class.

Experience Requirements 

Skills and Abilities 

All people of all ages (4+) are welcome to come take yoga! Each class will be designed depending on who is in the class for that day.

Know before you go

Before attending our yoga class, make sure you come dressed comfortably and appropriately for class: anything you may wear to the gym/fitness activity. Also note that it will get HOT, so you may also want to bring a personal sweat towel. Please make sure you bring your own yoga mat (if you do not have one, that is okay, but please bring a large towel/blanket that can substitute for a yoga mat) also bring a water bottle. You may also bring any yoga props that you use in your practice, i.e yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, however no props are required.

Cancelation Policy

To Cancel or Reschedule, please be sure to contact us at least 24 hours before your booking. We do not offer refunds for cancelations or no shows. You are expected to be at your event 5 mins prior to the start time.

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Kharma Grimes

Yogi | Dancer

Kharma is a dancer of 17 years, she has earned her B.F.A in dance, and went on to dance professionally after graduating. She found herself gravitating towards the practice of yoga because of the rich spiritual history and the infinite opportunities...