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Carefully curated from the best small business on island! Each one of our Malihini  Experiences are:

  • 100% exclusive to Malihini Adventures

  • Hand selected and locally curated

  • Provided by local entrepreneurs and small businesses we've chosen as our Alaka'i Affiliates and your guides & leaders

  • Designed by the passions & stories each Alaka'i has to offer

Purchase the Adventure Pass to get the most out of our 100% Local Experiences with a 20% off discount on all Experiences! 

Local Experiences


Find your center in the middle of the Pacific! Our local yogis will lead you to Zen in the most beautiful of places on island! From beach to paddle board, your yoga experience will be unforgettable! 


Reach new heights and views unimaginable with life-changing local Hawaiian hikes! Our local guides help you escape the tourist traps and ascend up hidden trails!

Ocean Life

From snorkeling to kayaking we have all the coolest ocean experiences available! We partner with expert local waterman that know the seas better then the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a that swim in it! 

Island Tours

Book your private island tour with our local island experts. First rule of the local places you'll see is, don't talk about the local places you'll see! We'll get you off the beaten path but you have to help us keep it local!


Learn to surf with the island's best local instructors! Already shredding like a pro? Take advantage of our surfer to surfer board rental experience! Hit the waves with a unique and unforgettable experience!