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Casper MacDhomhnail

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I was born in Virginia, but have lived all of the US with New Mexico being the longest state I have live in. I moved to Hawaii in May of 2018 and found my home.
I currently attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa for astrophysics. I also am highly interested in pursuing degrees in aerospace engineering and architecture after completing my current degree and throughout my life I expect I will always be in school. I am a pianist and have been training to be a concert pianist for the past 12 years now. I enjoy composing my own pieces and love playing, whether publicly or privately for people. I have studied many languages and are fluent in a few. I enjoy portrait painting, and gardening and am, with another business partner, working on developing a multi-thousand acre agroforestry plantation a few hours above New Zealand.
I completed my massage training at the Hawaii Massage Academy here in Honolulu.
I was trained in Swedish, Lomi lomi, Shiatsu, Sports, Reflexology, Hawaiian Hot Stone. I also received additional training in trigger point training.
I am certified by the International Cupping Association for Cupping as well. I am also trained in Chinese Fire Cupping.
I was a manager in a heath food store with my oversight in a very large vitamin and herb department. There I learned a working knowledge about health and use that background to give hints to folks as where to look and do further research to benefit themselves.


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