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Malihini Challenge 

Complete as many of the challenges as possible while exploring and experiencing the island earning points that count as entries into our quarterly giveaway! 

Malihini Adventures

Challenge Giveaway

$1000 Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card 

Complete each Challenge by following the instructions and using the prompt to make an epic Facebook or Instagram post!


Self Discovery

Self discovery can be completed by your self with out a guide or tour

1 Point

Ono Grinds

Ono Grinds means delicious food. Visit a recommended restaurant to complete these challenges.


Premium Experience

Book and visit one our our Premium Experience Partners to complete these challenges 

3 Points

Local Experience

Team up with one of our Alaka'i and book a local experience to complete these Challenge. 



Kuleana is the Hawaiian value of responsibility. Complete Kuleana challenges by taking part or responsibility 


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$500 Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card 
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Play along side your vacation to infuse a little more fun and excitement. Watch the videos to learn about the culture , and history of the islands!