Treasure Hunt: Captain Kawelo

Takes participants 3-5 days to complete.

Search the island for Captain Kawelo's lost Treasure! Go From Experience to Experience on an Island-Wide Treasure Hunt Adventure! Experience the island in a fun and interactive way alongside your vacation!
Successful Treasure Hunters are rewarded with real treasure! Whether your vacation is already booked and underway or you're just getting started, our Treasure Hunt perfectly complements any Hawaiian Vacation!

Answer 5 Riddles to Unlock Captain Kawelo's Final Scroll and find the Treasure that Captain Kawelo died trying to find!

Story Line

Many years ago, there was an ambitiously greedy captain they called Captain Kawelo. The Captain well successful, had sailed the toughest seas, and seen victory many times more than defeat. Captain Kawelo had discovered riches and treasures so rich, but his wealth was never quenched like an insatiable itch.
His family adored the jewelry and glory, but this would not be the end of this epic story. With all the wealth inside his hands, Captain Kawelo winced at the news of an unclaimed land. The Island of Hawaii he was told by good authority, hide the richest treasure that it would end forever his lifelong story.
Invited by the King himself, Captain Kawelo knew he must seek this treasure. He was promised a treasure so rich that any cost paid or lost gave his reward would be worth the endeavor. In the letter the king wrote, I heard you seek what no man may keep, I've heard you speak, and know your value of home, if you want to find the most valuable treasure, come quick and come alone.
Captain, taunted and scoffed, angered and eager, he readied his ship hungry and meagered. Without a single goodbye he knew he'd be fine, the treasure he'd find and without a sweat, be back in a few days time. Well years went by and and days were simply miserably survived, Captain Kawelo had met his match, for this promised treasure he could not catch.
He knew the treasure was real, its not possible that the King could have lied. But for years he searched and for years he cried. How is it possible that there be a treasure that even Captain Kawelo cannot find? The once ambitious man, had scowered every inch of the land. Following clues and leaving scrolls in the sand, he hoped if he doesn't find it that at least maybe someone else can.
Defeat was not an option, but it may be fate, Captain Kawelo searched for the treasure till his dying last date. Alone on the beach he grabbed his last scroll and wrote what he could not say. You See he realized where the King had hidden the treasure, but at such old age Captain Kawelo wouldn't have the time to look in the most obvious place.
So instead, he left one Final Scroll, and if you find it, you'll too soon know, where that impossible treasure was hidden just waiting for you to score. Answer Captain Kawelo's riddles and discover new scrolls, if you hurry you can have the riches, Captain Kawelo will never know!