Adventure Pass

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Access to 1 of our Interactive Themed Adventures


20% Off all Malihini Local experiences 

Exclusive and unlimited discounts on all partnered local  Restaurants 

1 Local experience pays for the Pass!

Support local and sustainable Eco-Tourism


Learn and experience Hawaiian culture, island tradition and Polynesian History in an interactive way

For Every pass sold, we donate $5 to the Conservation and Preservation of Hawaii! 


Explore the Adventure Pass

The Adventure Pass is the new way to vacay! Support local and explore the island in a responsible and sustainable way! Our Adventure Pass is your direct connection to the local and small business that are the backbone of the island!

Still Undecided?

Here's 10 reasons why you should purchase the Adventure Pass!

  1.   The Pass was designed to inspire and ensure the most epic Hawaiian Vacation!

  2.  You'll be supporting local small business that have barely survived Covid, not the few large corporations that got richer. 

  3. You'll learn more about Hawaiian culture and history then any of your friends that "have been to Hawaii"

  4. With just one Local Experience the Adventure Pass Pays for itself!

  5. We donate $5 dollars from every Adventure Pass sold to conservation and preservation of Hawaii! 

  6. Malihini  Adventures is the purest form of sustainable ecotourism. 

  7. We can confidently say you will be missing out with out the Malihini Adventure Pass. 

  8. Each Local experience is Exclusive to Malihini Adventures! 

  9. The Adventure Pass has hundreds of dollars of value and costs less than your next Meal in Waikiki or Uber from the airport! 

  10. Buying the pass makes sense whether you already booked  your vacation or if you're just getting started!